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Dress for Success

Your outfit will make a huge difference to your photos so choose something that suits your personality and your brand. There is no need to spend a fortune on clothes either. Make sure your clothes suit your body type and fit well. Simpler is better but feel free to add a pop of color to add some personality and flair.

Keep your skin tone and hair in mind when choosing an outfit as contrasting colors make for some of the best photos. Want to see what you might look like in photos in a certain outfit? Take a few selfies to decide what works and what doesn’t. If you are already preparing for your session with me, you will be able to text me photos of some choices you have and I help you plan your outfits.

This is not a headshot of yesteryears…. business portraits of today lean less towards a formal look and more towards an image that highlights personality and style. Depending on where your image will live and how you will use it will determine how much leeway you will have on adding some personal flare. If your headshot has a lifestyle approach, dress in layers with colors and styles that show off your personality. If your portrait will be used in a more traditional forum than consider business attire against a solid background. Many people choose to bring both a casual and a corporate look for different needs.


  • Choose an outfit that makes you feel great; the more confident you feel in an outfit the more comfortable you will be during your Personal Branding session..

  • Make clothing selections a day or two before your Branding Photos (earlier if possible) to avoid last minute wardrobe stress or malfunctions (press or make alterations well in advance to look your very best

  • Add accessories for a personal touch and pop of color.

  • Bring 2-3 tops and 1-2 pant options. The main focus will be the upper body but coordinating lower body including shoes is helpful for full body images.

  • Dress in layers to easily change up the look without having to change into a new outfit.

  • Go for solid colors rather than busy patterns or clothing with logos, as they draw attention away from your face. Choose cream over white and grey over black as black and white can wash out your skin tone.


  • Avoid baggy clothing

  • Stay away from clothing with logos and wording

  • Don’t wear intense colors or busy prints

  • Choose the right undergarments


  • Avoid wearing any items with logos or wording unless it’s part of your branding

  • If you are wearing a suit, it should be tailored

  • Your shirt should be fitting. Clothing that’s too big adds weight so opt go for something that’s slightly smaller to avoid the sloppy look

  • A tie isn’t always necessary but bring one along anyway

  • Ensure that your undershirt is not visible

Great Hair

If you really want to make your photos stand out, we suggest you have a professional assist you with your hair and makeup. Here in our studio location on Main Street in Hendersonville, we have the option of having your hair and makeup done by professionally right before your session. You will feel confident and excited once Tia is finished pampering you.

Hair is a game changer, for this reason choose a hairstyle that best highlights your face and is true to you. If you decide to try a new look, give yourself plenty of time to adjust to styling your new look before scheduling your session. Tips:

  • Choose a haircut and hairstyle a week or two in advance as freshly cut hair can look strange on camera.

  • Wax, pluck or shave any unwanted hair from ears, nose and face for a clean groomed look.

Unwanted Hair

Don’t let unwanted hair up stage you. Even the smallest of hairs can create a shadow on skin and interfere with makeup application. Tips:

  • Check in unexpected locations (ears, chin and nose can appear over time)

  • Remove unwanted hair a day or two before to avoid red marks or skin irritation.

  • When shaping eyebrows consult a professional to ensure your best shape for your eyes and face.


Your smile is your best asset, so remember to give your lips and teeth a little TLC before your session. Tips:

  • Avoid foods and liquids like coffee, tea and red wine before your headshot session to avoid stains.

  • If you would like your teeth a bit brighter invest in a professional or DIY cleaning and whitening treatment a week before your session.

  • Don’t forget lips! Moisture and exfoliate them for plump and healthy skin and smooth lip balm or lipstick application.

Nails & Hands

Your hands may be visible in some images, so give your hands and nails a little extra TLC. A professional manicure is nice but not necessary, clean and groomed are all you need. Tips:

  • When using polish choose a neutral, skin tone polish, or a clear coat, so as not to draw attention away from face.

  • Use a nutrient rich cream on hands and nail cuticles to smooth skin. After shower is best to lock in moisture.

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