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Main Street Hendersonville Wedding

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

I was honored to be a part of downtown today and photograph this wedding right on Main Street, a scene I could see outside from my studio window! The happy couple, Gina McTigue and Dylan Baxter, said their vows right in the middle of the 400 Block! What a memory! The ceremony was beautiful and so uniquely fun.

Events like this are what make it so fun to be a downtown merchant.

SO many downtown merchants came together to make this happen. Caroline for WAG coordinated it all. She got ice from Mezzaluna and the Mountain Deli, Chairs from Black Rose, Sound equipment from Tempo Music Center and so much more. The rehearsal Dinner was at Neverblue. Michael Hall ran sound, and the reception was at Southern Appalachian Brewery with food from Daddy D's Super Soulfood.

She asked me (Juls Buckman) to take volunteer to take photos, and Gerry from The Mountain Deli to video the special event. Everybody chipped in and made it happen.

The Happy Couple- Dylan and Gina!

You can see and download the images from today HERE! If you would like to download the images, the PIN Number 9868 is required. Just enter it and download the photos.

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