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Headshots and Personal Branding Photos

Sarah came to the studio for several reasons. She had many new things in her life and wanted a session that would be multi-faceted.

She needed a good corporate headshot for the company she runs with her husband Steve. (they do beautiful flooring

She wanted to celebrate a milestone birthday.

She wanted the do personal Branding for her passion business.

She wanted to do something creative and fun in line with her love of all things vintage.

We did it all. She started with total pampering time with Tia from

We started with a more causal outfit for some images and kept the hair and makeup more business.

Then we did a quick outfit change for a more professional corporate look.

Then Steve joined us, despite being quite sick that day, for just a few shots before he left to go tend to their kids at home.

After the business photos were done, it was time to play! Sarah had spotted this vintage dress in the studio during her consultation and loved it. She decided it would be fun to wear it and just do something creative! She even brought a necklace her grandma had given her. We took several shots and she decided it would be fun to add her favorite boots. Having lived previously in Colorado, this style just excited her.

Then, in honor of her upcoming birthday, we put on a gorgeous glamour gown after Tia did a quick glamourous look with her makeup, and celebrated this new start in her new life with style.

Because we don't limit the time allowed for a personal branding session, we were able to walk down mainstreet to her studio where she offers Reike sessions and get some personal branding images she can use on her new website.

These images will serve Sarah well with both her businesses and passions, as well as document this stage of her life. I am excited she valued herself enough to capture this stage of her life and that her kids will always have these images or their amazing momma.

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